La nostra storia ripercorre le tappe di crescita di una piccola realtà artigianale in una delle piu’ grandi attività produttive italiane.

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      From post-war to the present day

      Our story traces the growth of a small artisan business
      into one of Italy's largest manufacturing operations.

      1945 The fundation

      In the heart of Naples, Michele Mugnano founded a family-run craft enterprise for the manufacture of pure aluminium cookware: Stovmon.


      Production moves to Arzano, an area more suitable for industrial development. Stovmon inaugurates its first line of non-stick coated items.

      1986 THE EXPANSION

      Under the leadership of the Mugnano brothers, the company expanded its production area with a 15,000 m2 factory and invested in state-of-the-art equipment.


      Stovmon moved its production unit to Sparanise in an area of 45,000 m2. In the same year, large investments are made in production to set up the new spray coating plant, which will tangibly characterise the company's future.

      2008 "Accademia Mugnano" is born

      Stovmon began a re-branding project with the launch of the Accademia Mugnano brand, which aims to strengthen the company's presence in national and international markets.


      Always attentive to environmental issues, Accademia Mugnano installs a high-capacity photovoltaic system for the production and exploitation of solar energy.

      2015 the growth plan

      Stovmon s.r.l. changes its name to Accademia S.p.A. and commits to a new 5-year strategic growth plan based on: Production capacity, Communication, Consumer.

      2017 THE EVOLUTION

      Accademia Mugnano introduced new processing lines capable of producing high quality products and improved automation in its production facility. The company also embarks on its first advertising campaign on national free-to-air networks.

      2018 Starry partnership

      A partnership agreement is sealed with Michelin-starred chef Gennaro Esposito, destined to be the official testimonial of the company whose values and philosophy he shares.

      2019 A NEW LANGUAGE

      Always paying great attention to the consumer and following the company mission 'Simplifying life in the kitchen', Accademia Mugnano is committed to producing video recipes with the participation of Gennaro Esposito, in order to get closer to its customers through social channels.

      2021 HELP THE PLANET

      Reducing environmental impact and safeguarding health and the environment are fundamental aspects of the sustainability project that Accademia Mugnano has been developing for years. In this direction, Accademia Mugnano launches a new line of frying pans made of recycled aluminium which, thanks to the agreement with Treedom, offers a concrete contribution to the reforestation of the planet.